Saturday, June 6, 2009

Powell update of our April and May

I know, I know - I am a bad blogger. Let' face it I will never be as good at blogging as Hilary, Mandy G. and the Whiteley girls.

Whoever said that the summer is relaxing sure does not live in the Powell household. We have something going on every single night of the week. Garett is taking classes to finish his masters. He is also coaching his high school baseball team in the summer league, which means at home games I am the lucky one who gets to work the concession stand. He plays softball in the men's league as well as we play together on a co-ed team. Henslee is playing t-ball this summer and she loves it!

This is Garett's good friend, Coach Dave Reisen of Pioneer presenting Garett with the 1st place trophy at the Merrifield. Henslee and I are very proud of Garett's high school baseball team this year. They won the Cherokee Strip Conference, the Merrifield Office Supply Tournament, the won their District Tourament advancing to Regionals where they were defeated by the no. 2 ranked team in class A.

This is after their win at the Merrifield.
Our little Easter bunnies

This is Heny and her best friend Merric playing in the dirt. There dad's were not happy about this.

Playing 1st base - I love this action pic.

And she scores! (Garett is the 3rd base coach)

Get off me ball!!

Tater-bug wearing grandpa's hat on memorial weekend

Some good friends of ours got married on memorial weekend at the Indian Hills Vineyard, don't worry she was playing in the dirt after the ceremony.

Henslee, Merric and Alec at the fish pond.

Heny's 1st dance recital she danced to Doe a Deer.

OSU spring game - we went with our friends Aaron, Leica and their daughter Addison.

Heny was a sweetie and made daddy an OSU egg.


  1. It's about time. I check your blog daily for a new post, so I guess you could say I am disappointed frequently! I know how busy you are, so I will not judge! I can't believe how old the girls are getting!! Miss you!

  2. Great pics! You know, if you would post a little more often, you wouldn't have to post 5 events and two holidays all at once. Ha. Just giving you a hard time. Glad you posted. Your girls are getting so big!!

  3. Agree! We want more posts!! Your girls are getting so big, they are precious. Hope to see more pics of them sooner than later. :)

  4. Sounds like you buys have such a busy life. Don't kids get involved early now. You girls are adorable!